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Since his early musical beginnings in 1985, Uwe Schmidt (Atom™), has earned global notoriety for his vast and variegated projects, number of releases, collaborations and musical styles. His catalogue includes works with and for artists such as Depeche Mode, Air, Bill Laswell, Burnt Friedman, Yellow Magic Orchestra, just to name a few.
He released the internationally acclaimed album, El Baile Aleman under the project name Señor Coconut, with a demand in so many places, Señor Coconut began touring worldwide in 2001. 2007 saw the return of Uwe's live solo performances as Atom™. This show has been evolving over the past 3 years and includes him playing audio and video in realtime, using a very small technical setup on stage. His live show is dynamic and he continually updates and renews the material, he has performed this solo show all around the world. Premiering in Tokyo in 2007, he's since played Mutek Festival in Montreal, Offf Festival in Lissabon, Madrid, Sonar Barcelona, Gaité Lyrique Paris and many other places. He has published 182 album releases under various labels and project names, the 2 last albums were on Raster Noton , and the upcoming one called HD will be on this prestigious label runed by Alva Noto .
Uwe Schmidt is a man of many musical trades and masters all of them to perfection .He's a rare breed in an otherwise narrow-minded, musial world.
Moving from Frankfurt to Chile in the late 1990's enabled Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™ to escape the tyranny of the dancefloor and develop his innumerable electrionic simulacra, from Senor Coconut's latinised Kraftwerk to his latest minimal reinterpretation of schubertian Romaticism THE WIRE

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