Reunion Island

High mountain villages of Reunion Island are populated by people locally known as the “PetitsBlancs des Hauts” (Decedents of the first white settlers to the island). These villagers are also called “Youl”, “Yab”, “Liton”, or even “Pat’jaune”. Pat’jaune, or ‘Yellow feet’, is a Creole expression referring to the colour of a farmer’s feet after having worked in the nearby Turmeric fields.

As worthy representatives from this region, 4 musicians chose to name their group Pat’Jaune.
Originally made up of 3 brothers; Michel, Francois and Bernard Gonthier (3 brothers from a family of 12 children) the group Pat’jaune was officially created in 1993. Claudine Tarby joined the group in 2000, bringing with her a feminine touch and, at the same time, assuring percussion and vocals.
The Gonthier brothers began their entertainment career on the stage, . Boosted by many successful performances around the island, Pat’jaune began to accept invitations to take part in several events across the Indian Ocean: from Reunion Island to Mauritius and Rodrigues Island. This led to several tour dates in France, Hong Kong, Switzerland and The U.S.A
In 2003 a jury composed of music professionals and members of the local press awarded Pat’jaune the title of ‘Best musical group 2003’ along with ‘Best Reunionese Album 2002’ (Ti Catoune Album).
Ardent defenders of the traditional, Creole way of life. The musicians from Pat’jaune always find time in between shows to enjoy the serenity of their home town ‘Plaine des Cafres’. With their characteristic complicity they regularly play in their own private club where 50 or so lucky guests enjoy a meal in the authentic world of the ‘petitsblancs des hauts’.
Pat’jaune depict anecdotes of daily life in the island’s mountain villages to the tune of a polka with cajun, square dance, mazurka and sega acoustics.Listening to the sounds of the banjo, guitar, mandolin, violin and the double bass the public soon find themselves momentarily transported to another world.

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