Fargana Qasimova, Alim Qasimov's daughter and protégée, is an accomplished mugham singer. Her father has been the major influence in her life and career. Qasimova grew up with sounds of mugham and verses from the classical poetry of Azerbaijan and from the age of four, often performed along with her father at home and later on international tours .

Fargana is now expert interpreter of mugham, the traditional classical music of Azerbaijan. The music’s mystical atmosphere inspires an emotion that is likened to meditation. Mugham combines the human voice with instruments, such as the daf (a type of tambourine), the tar (a type of lute) and the kamancha (an oriental string instrument). The improvisational aspect makes every performance unique and consequently unforgettable.

44 Grand' Rue
BP 34
Tél. +33 (0)5 49 59 10 10

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